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PEACE is opening Plant: an organic, vegan restaurant in Fairfield, IA. We’re hiring; are you interested?

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PEACE will be purchasing a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO), transforming it into a mega sanctuary and build a self-sustaining eco village from the ground up. Find out more about our plan here:

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Salt & Straw - Go Vegan

Join our campaign to encourage the ice cream shop Salt & Straw to go vegan! Read our letter to them here ~

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1) Verify that current farms are non-violent towards humans, non-human animals & the Earth

2) Offer the necessary support and guidance required to assist transitioning Animal Feeding Operations (AFOs) into a year-round veganic green houses, and

3) Promoting Urban Farming and offering online tutorials and in-person classes to community members in order to educate them on how to manage a small-scale farm and/or garden in their home.

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Act with love, always


Peace begins with you

Become an organizer

Interested in becoming a PEACE organizer or join our local teams? Read the Guide to PEACE to learn more about our mission, methods & how to get involved.