Sponsor a Campaign

PEACE’s campaigns are 100% funded by the people for the people. Since birth, we have been systematically indoctrinated into a fear-based paradigm designed to support a culture of slavery, oppression and exploitation of both human and non-human animals. In order to overcome this conditioning, we have a series of love-based campaigns focused on the solution, not the problem.



PEACE is opening a non-profit, organic, vegan restaurant in Fairfield, Iowa! We are currently finalizing our menu, securing our business plan & gaining funds to get off the ground. All profits made from Plant will be going towards sustaining our business & taking care of our employees. Once we are self-supported, we will be putting our profits towards Home. More information →



At Home, we will transform a place of violence into a sanctuary of Peace. We intend to purchase a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) with approximately 1000 pigs, transform it into a sanctuary and build a self-sustaining eco village from the ground up. More information →


Ditch Dairy


PEACE is asking the ice cream chain Salt & Straw to stop supporting slavery and go vegan. Donations will go towards supplies for our chapters to hold consistent demonstrations until Salt & Straw evolves. More information →

Vegan Database

This campaign does not need funds. We are creating a vegan database which will be the backbone of the vegan helpline. The database will have sourced answers to any practical question regarding veganism, animal rights & activism. More information →