We have just begun forming a working Committee for our latest project: Grow! PEACE: Promoting Equality, Acceptance & Compassion Everywhere is launching a plant advocacy program and certification project called Grow. The three critical components to Grow are: 1) Verify that current farms are non-violent towards humans, non-human animals & the Earth, 2) Offer the necessary support and guidance to assist Animal Feeding Operations (AFOs) into transitioning into a year-round veganic green houses, and 3) Promoting Urban Farming and offering online tutorials and in-person classes to community members in order to educate them on how to manage a small-scale farm and/or garden in their home. With the verification of the above mentioned standards, the grower will be added the the Grow with PEACE database for customers to easily find and establish relationships with their farmers. Small scale gardeners will have the opportunity to be added to this database as well if they desire to do so.

cheyanne holliday