Our Vision

A Return to Love


In 2017, I founded PEACE: Promoting Equality, Acceptance & Compassion Everywhere. We started as a small group of excited activists eager to make a difference. Since then, we have grown, expanded and evolved into an Iowa state registered non-profit that I am proud to operate.

We are currently operating in 5 states - Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Iowa & Colorado.

Our Iowa branch is currently leading the vision of PEACE. We have formulated a plan to transform a a paradigm of violence into one of peace. This plan begins with opening a vegan restaurant called Plant.

The profits gathered from Plant will go towards funding Home. At Home, we will be transforming a place of violence into a sanctuary of peace. We intend to purchase a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO), transform it into a sanctuary and build an eco village from the ground up that will evolve into the University of PEACE. Once this model is successful, we will train our organizers to replicate this structure in their local regions.

Our goal is transform all places of violence with love and compassion.


Cheyanne Holliday
Founder & Executive Director

Earthling love at Harmony Farm Sanctuary

Earthling love at Harmony Farm Sanctuary