Current Campaign



We are opening a restaurant in Fairfield, Iowa! Our team members have been working tirelessly to produce the business plan, calculate the startup costs, find ethical distributors and identify the prime location. We’ve sowed the seeds for plant, and now we need your light to help us bloom. As we are operating as a non-profit restaurant, we will be working to achieve are start up costs through donations. The cost to start up will be approximately $45,000 for the first three months of operation. All profits beyond operational expenses will be put towards Home. At Home, we will be purchasing a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) with approximately 1000 pigs, turning it into a sanctuary and building an eco village from the ground up. This eco village will stand as the University of Peace. In order to do that, we must first open Plant. With your help, we hope to open in late July.

UPDATE: We have our location and are working on setting up Plant! Job Applications will be coming soon!